Lex Tang

I'm Lex Tang (a.k.a. lexrus).
An iOS developer working for No NDA Inc. We're polishing our Apps with Swift and groping some best practice.

I start to craft iOS Apps by self-study since 2011. I was the lead developer of XinweiCook | iWeekly图历 | LOHAS 乐活杂志 | 新视线 | 遛遛. I helped 壹钱包 and CatchChat to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, I open-sourced my first Swift App VPN On.

I love gorgeous user interfaces and emotional user experience. As a hobby designer I create prototypes with Sketch and Quartz Composer. You may find some of them on Dribbble. And some of them were implemented into native iOS components and open-sourced on GitHub.

Follow me on GitHub, Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr.

My email: lexrus@gmail.com